Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions I get all the time from people who are curious to try my Zumba classes. Have one that's not listed here? Shoot me a note at

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Do I need to be a good dancer to take a Zumba class?

No! That's the beauty of Zumba. All moves and styles are welcome. This is your hour to come and let go, and if that means two stepping the whole time or moving in the opposite direction of everyone else, that's OK. That being said, Zumba is a great place to learn how to dance in a safe judgement free environment, where you'll learn the fundamentals of dance moves from all around the world.

Do I need to have my camera on during the Zoom class?

Nope! Do whatever you are most comfortable with. You can dance by yourself in your livingroom with no one watching, or you can keep your camera on to feel connected to everyone else. While I do enjoy being able to see you (even for a quick hello at the beginning or end of class!), I won't be upset if you choose to keep your camera off.

What do I wear? Can I do Zumba barefoot since I'm at home?

Please don't do Zumba barefoot! I know you're at home, but you should always wear sneakers with good support. Zumba is a high impact, high intensity workout, so having the right support is crucial to preventing injuries (especially for those of you with knee, ankle or back issues!)

What is the best setup for virtual Zumba classes?

Have a TV at home? Use it! The bigger the screen and louder the music, the closer to the real in person fitness party experience you'll get. Use an HDMI cord, Apple TV or Chromecast to connect from your mobile device. You can also connect via a laptop or mobile device, but trust me - it won't be the same.